Accelerator of the Decenturion State
State support, mentorship, assistance in development and fund-raising.

10 most promising startups from every batch will present their projects in front of interested investors during the Board of Directors and will go on an investment tour to Asia.

Every team will be able to close deals during private rounds and personal meetings.
Our first batch
September 12, 2018
were submitted from companies worldwide
were selected by the Board of Directors to attend an investment tour in Asia
attended the pitch-session of the finalists on the main stage of Crocus City Hall
took part in the Board of Directors and selected finalists
Investors and partners
Max Zakomoldin
Privileged investor and adviser of the fund Cryptonomics Capital
Denis Klevtcov
Minister of Labor of Decenturion
Deng Yingfei
Co-founder of Trump Capital and the Chairman of the China Blockchain Alliance
Vyacheslav Zjdanov
Privileged investor and adviser of the fund Cryptonomics Capital
Sergey Melnik
Privileged investor and adviser of the fund Cryptonomics Capital
Prof. Anicet Gabriel Kotchofa
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Decenturion
Vyacheslav Pugachev
Privileged investor and adviser of the fund Cryptonomics Capital
Alex Korotaev
Privileged investor and adviser of the fund Cryptonomics Capital
Investment tour to Asia
Asian tour around Malaysia and Singapore is planned for 2 weeks, during which 20 meetings with investors will be conducted. Every startup will participate in a Demo-day, get opportunities to conduct up to 5 one-on-one meetings, and private rounds with funds, banks, corporations and accelerators.
Malaysia and Singapore
Opportunity to attract funds during the tour
Invеstors, funds, banks, huge corporations and accelerators

Who can become our resident
Product from the B2C sector
You sell products, goods or services to end users.
Ready MVP
You have a working prototype, business or MVP (minimum viable product).
Rapid growth
Your team is expecting the rapid growth, scaling and international expansion.
How we prepare projects
One Pager
Our experts will prepare the best selling short description of the project, and our designers will produce One Pager for your project to enter the Decenturion market successfully.
Token model
Our experts develop token-model for effective integration with the audience of Decenturion.

Landing Page
Every project gets its own Landing Page in Decenturion.
Smart contract
Within the framework of the acceleration program, the smart contract and your own token are developed for the project to be able to enter the Decenturion market.
Entrance of every project is announced in 3 languages via Decenturion channels: Telegram-channels, social networks, media and email-digest, which is sent to all Decenturion citizens.
Decenturion Token Launch
As compared to the usual Token Generating Event and Venture Capital, Decenturion Token Launch (DTL) provides every startup that gets admitted to the Decenturion token-market with an audience of:

  • millions of crypto holders ready-to-become users
  • hundreds of thousands of resellers
  • tens of thousands of promoters
  • thousands of advisers
  • hundreds of employees
All of this is provided in one click and at a $0 budget. The cost of a marketing campaign that provides such a coverage and, accordingly, guarantees an economic result, can reach tens of millions of dollars.
Venture Capital
Token Generating Event
Decenturion Token Launch
User acquisition
up to 5 000
from 1 000 000
Token ownership
up to 10%
from 50%
up to $3 000 000
around $5 000000
up to $3 000 000
Initial fee
$1 000 000
3-6 months
3-6 months
1-14 days
Legal risks
Token economy
$5 000 000
$100 000 000
Our graduates say
What future do you see for your project with Decenturion?
Why have you chosen Decenturion to market your startup?
Winners of the first batch
Questions and Answers
What trends are there on the TGE (Token Generating Event) market?
The main trends on the TGE market are that the main model in the format of sales of the utility-token has taken the back seat and ceased to work. And, naturally, it had an intermediate role. Now the trend has moved towards raising funds through the sale of equity, although using a token-model and tokenization as a tool.

The second trend is the distribution of tokens in order to attract the audience of users. If previously used to sell utility tokens, which tried to solve both these tasks and both tasks were poorly solved, now without violation of any legislation and security legislation, this issue is solved by two parallel processes.
Is it necessary to create an additional token?
Yes, this is an obligatory condition necessary for the cooperation with Decenturion.
Where is the Decenturion Accelerator registered?
Legally Decenturion Accelerator is registered in Singapore. When formalizing the cooperation, an official agreement will be concluded with all the necessary requisites.
Is there any possibility to get investments and contact the investors without participating in selection process?
To be able to participate in the investment tour, you must take part in all stages of selection, including the presentation of the project to the Board of Directors.
How much is participation?
Cooperation with Decenturion is free, however, there are a number of important conditions that must be strictly followed: 1) the emission of tokens in the volume of 100,000,000; 2) distribution of 50% of tokens among the citizens of Decenturion; 3) 50% of emission remains with the team with a 5-years hold and with a certain defrosting scheme; 4) from 25% of the gross profit of the company is spent for the purchase of an internal token and its burning, the cost of a token is $ 1. Find more details in the guideline.
Who takes responsibility for the token issue? It's expensive for us.
The team of the Decenturion Accelerator takes responsibility for the token issue, creates smart contract, and transfers 50% of tokens to the company's wallet.
What kind is the token?
The token is Ethereum-based, ERC-20, utility.
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